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Car Diffuser Refill

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$39.99 NZD

Car Diffuser Refill 50mls 

Enough for 6-7 refills depending on the style bottle you have.

After 7 refills I would suggest getting a new bottle as the wooden caps can deteriorate.


Unscrew the plastic cap and squeeze directly into your car diffuser bottle , please have a tissue or wipe on hand to catch and wipe away any drips from the oil.

Place the cap back on tightly and store in a safe place away from children and direct sunlight. 

 Colours of the liquid can vary from pictures as different scents can be darker than others.

* Please note putting these diffusers in your car you doing so at your own risk, spilt oil can be damaging to some cars interiors, the safest option is to leave the plastic bung in place and only take out to refresh the oils and make sure you use a tissue or wipe to wipe off any extra oil that make spill down the sides