Candle care & colour guide

Our decorative candles are designed to be a decor piece in your home however if you do wish to burn these we recommend following the below tips:

Before lighting your candle, place it on a flat dish that will collect any wax that may drip.

Light your candle in a well-ventilated safe space, clear from other flammable objects.

Always remember to blow your candle out when you leave the room.

When not in use place your candle away from direct sunlight.

Before you light the candle again we recommend that you trim the wick. 

Keep candles out of reach from children and pets.
PLEASE NOTE - Our candles are made to be decorative candles so we do not test wicks or burn times on these so if you do plan to burn your candle please take into account the size of the candle, if your burning a small candle it may only last 20 minutes. 
    Candle Colour Guide 
    Please see our below images for our candle colours