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Lips -Sample

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$10.00 NZD
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$30.00 NZD
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$10.00 NZD

Sample Sale 

All our sample sale candles are lightly scented 

What is a sample candle ?

Our sample sale candles are made from our left over wax that we melt down to make new candles

You will find the odd small air bubble , frosting or tiny cracks on some not all of our sample candles but these will only be able to be seen from up very close so when these candles are on display in your home they will look brand new. 

For measurements of each candle please check the original listing 

Due to our candles being handmade they may differ slightly from pictures and have minor imperfections. Soy wax can frost at times and you might see white marks on your candle and small holes on the underside of some candles,  Keep your candle out of direct sunlight, especially in warmer months.

Our candles are made for decorative purposes and we do not test burn times so if you wish to burn these please don’t message us saying it burnt completely down in 10 minutes because this is what happens in most cases!! please make sure you have a drip tray under your candle and never leave unattended.